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Lea Fisher is a Dallas native who graduated from Sam Houston State University with a B.A. in English and continued her studies at the University of North Texas, earning a second degree in Psychology. While later obtaining her Master's in Counseling. Fisher discovered painting as a creative outlet that offered a therapeutic value unlike anything she had previously experienced.

Fisher paints with sculpted 3D oil techniques inspired by JD Miller's Reflectionist school of artistic thought and practice. She is able to masterfully balance an illusion of mass with light transparency through combinations of thick paint application and delicate feathering. Her dramatic compositions integrate rich and vivid layers with elegant color palettes that captivate the eye and evoke a sense of adventure to viewers.

As a result, her paintings have become staples among collectors throughout the United States. Fisher currently resides in and works out of Dallas, Texas.

"As a Reflectionist, painting for me is an emotional evolution. I must first have the courage to abandon my self-limiting beliefs and delusions of control with the hope that honest self-expression will represent my unique experience and reflect the shared dynamic of the human condition. Sometimes a painting is created effortlessly and sometimes, as in life, it goes through several metamorphic states before a beautiful manifestation emerges. But whether the creative process is easy, or challenging, the ultimate result is something I find tremedously rewarding."