Lea Fisher is a former psychotherapist who has evolved from a problematic and conflicted childhood to become an intuitive artist who can express herself fearlessly, while powerfully addressing very complex issues related to contemporary societal afflictions.

As a Reflectionist, Fisher paints dramatic compositions that mirror her life experiences. She creates bold, authentic, emotionally expansive artworks that frequently possess an ethereal quality.

Often painting without a sense of physical presence, the artist uses techniques that range from delicate feathering of oils, to using multiple media to create richly sculpted textures. Her aesthetically pleasing compositions captivate the eye with rich and vivid layers of elegant color palettes.

Her art emulates adventure, raw emotion, and an unparalleled flow of sentience. Drawing on her strong skill of composition, Fisher creates an illusion of solidity and weightlessness that simultaneously grounds the viewer while allowing the mind to float to engage intuitive consciousness.

The artist currently resides and works in Dallas, Texas.